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My Graphics
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1st-Dec-2009 06:25 pm - Winter Bases 2009
21 winter themed bases in jpg format.You can download them one at a time or all together in a zip file.

Walking in a Winter WonderlandCollapse )
Hope you like them.Keep warm everyone!
26th-Sep-2009 03:20 pm - Autumn 2009 Bases
27 autumn themed bases in png format.You can download them one at a time or all together in a zip file.

A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summers wave good byeCollapse )
Hope you like them.Enjoy!!
20th-Jul-2009 08:11 pm - Crack Brushes
I made my first set of Crack brushes today.There are 5 with image pack,made in Photo Shop Cs3.
They are 400 to 500 px wide.

Download under cutCollapse )
14th-Mar-2009 08:59 pm - Light textures 2
19 100x100 light textures,in png format.You can download one at a time or in one zip file from my deviantart page.Hope you find these useful

Light Textures 2Collapse )
6th-Feb-2009 09:16 pm - Light Textures 100x100
10 Icon sized light textures,in png format.Download separately or in one zip-file.Hope you like them enjoy!

Light TexturesCollapse )
29th-Oct-2008 10:12 pm - Happy Halloween!
29th-Sep-2008 04:04 pm - Autumn Bases
30 Autumn themed bases in Png format.Download one at a time or in a zip file.

Colorful leaves everywhereCollapse )
24th-Aug-2008 05:14 pm - New Resource List
I've reorganized my resource list.All beneath the cut.
ResourcesCollapse )
24th-Aug-2008 05:01 pm - Star Brushes
Just Some cheesy star brushes I made.They are icon sized,and some large.
Made in Photo Shop CS3,image pack included.
11th-Mar-2008 08:17 pm - Bunny Bases
I thought these would be nice for spring.28 bunny bases made from stock photos.Download one at a time or all together in a win zip file.
Comments are nice,credit isn't necessary.I didn't take the pictures I just cropped them.
Stocks from Veer,and Getty Image.
Bases,and download behind the cut.

Silly Rabbit Trix are for KidsCollapse )
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